AGC Aerospace & Defense 1With clients spanning the commercial aviation and military sectors, AGC Aerospace & Defense is a unifying brand for a diversity of innovation-focused firms managed and operated by the private equity firm Acorn Growth Companies. Companies within the AGC Aerospace & Defense group fulfill the specialized requirements of prime contractors, aerospace suppliers, manufacturers, and governments across the globe. Corporate locations and manufacturing facilities are dispersed throughout the United States and abroad.

One of AGC’s most recent acquisitions is Derby, UK-based Paul Fabrications, Ltd. Undertaken in partnership with The Edgewater Funds, the transaction was completed in December of 2012. Serving the nuclear fueling, aerospace, and power generation industries, Paul Fabrications has advanced capacities in the manufacture of complex and high-precision assemblies.

In addition to composites and aerostructures firms, AGC manages a diversified portfolio of integrated defense, services, and finance companies. Within the latter sector, Aircraft Logistics Group works with government agencies in arranging aircraft leasing and financing solutions. The Oklahoma company offers customers versatility in its unique combination of aircraft and government procurement knowledge.


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