AGC Aerospace & Defense – Innovation Through Robotics

September 10, 2013

AGC Aerospace & Defense is changing the manner in which the military conducts mechanical inspections of aircraft. Through its subsidiary, Veracity Technology Solutions (VTS), the firm has created a nondestructive robotic vehicle. This device, known as the Autonomous Ultrasonic Nondestructive Inspection Instrument (AUNDII), has proven to be a valuable tool for the aerospace industry and has cemented AGC Aerospace & Defense’s reputation as an innovator.

Designed to replace the existing semi-automatic track system, the AUNDII uses ultrasonic technology to detect anomalies that undermine the serviceability of aging aircraft. The device received unanimous approval from the Air Force Systems Programs Office after an AUNDII test scan of a plane’s wing skin reduced inspection time by 35%. Not stopping there, the AUNDII surpassed standards by fulfilling 27 items requiring 100% completion. This state-of-the art scanning system eliminates the need for manual inspections with coupling fluid. As a result, stakeholders can extend the life of costly aircraft while lowering costs and eliminating unsafe inspection procedures.


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