An Overview of the Diverse Aerospace Industry

December 6, 2013

AGC Aerospace & Defense is managed by Acorn Growth Companies, a private equity firm that serves clients in the defense and aerospace industries. Through Acorn, AGC Aerospace & Defense supports military and commercial programs all around the globe. The organization’s services span financing, manufacturing, engineering, producing, and renovating aircraft systems. Clients include governments, manufacturers, and representatives from various sectors of the aerospace industry.

While many people assume that all work involving aerospace concerns the research and development of spaceflight technologies, the more accurate definition is solutions applied to any situation involving flight.

No single corporation or industry is responsible for constructing a vehicle designed for flight within earth’s atmosphere or among the stars. Production programs for aircrafts involve manufacturers and researchers wielding a wide array of specialties. Each contributes different pieces, parts, and systems that gel together to create a functional vehicle capable of taking flight. Some of those specialists do not create physical components. Instead, they concentrate on attaining certification for components or raising funds for development.

In some cases, researchers and manufacturers come together to create projects indirectly related to the act of flight. As an example, researchers from NASA have created materials such as spacesuits as well as bar code scanners able to keep track of parts used in aircrafts.


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