Firm Secures Permission to Supply Airbus

December 19, 2013

Airbus, a major aircraft manufacturer supplying the global market, qualified Unitech Composites as a manufacturing supplier to its global supply chain supporting the A350 jet in August 2013. Unitech Composites, which is owned by AGC Aerospace & Defense, provides essential materials for aerospace clients in the military and commercial sectors. Its operational philosophy emphasizes innovation and quality. The company’s general manager stated that the qualification reflects Unitech’s strong reputation in the marketplace.

The qualification will allow the AGC Aerospace & Defense Company to fabricate a range of components for Airbus, including fiber-reinforced plastic parts and parts composed of thermoset pre-preg (pre-impregnated) materials. Specifically, Unitech Composites will craft assemblies to support the A350’s airframe, a complex structure created with aluminum and titanium alloys. The company will begin by developing components for the A350’s fuselage and wings.

Complementing its partnership with Airbus, Unitech will continue to supply assemblies to other companies active in the aircraft marketplace.


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