FEA – Cost-Effective Product Analysis

January 7, 2014

A global supplier of systems and technologies that support key military and commercial programs, AGC Aerospace & Defense operates in various locations across the United States and abroad. Serving diverse customers within the aviation sector, AGC Aerospace and Defense consists of groups of companies. One of its companies, Integrated Composites, designs and manufactures high-performance structures for aviation defense using finite element analysis (FEA) as one of its processes.

Used to refine existing products and study new products, FEA analyzes and stresses 2-D or 3-D computer models to check for specific results. Through this process, companies can determine if a product can perform to the needed specification. If it can’t, FEA can also determine the necessary modification to meet the required specification.

With the phenomenal advances in computing, this process has been developed to produce very accurate results. For this reason, FEA has become a far more viable way of testing product designs and predicting design failure than building and testing actual product samples.


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